Vendor Applications

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Wish to sell your goods, wares, or artistic services in the shire?  Download the forms and show us what you've got! Retail items MUST  FIT  THE  THEME  OF  THE EVENT.  We will consider your application upon receipt and with any luck, you'll be bringing a little more mayhem to the shire faire! (All information goes directly to the executive producers of  Medieval Mayhem and will only be used to contact you in regards to becoming a vendor. Please complete all forms.  Partial applications will not be considered.)

** ​Other requirements for non-service vendors: **

*Please note that an Arizona TPT (sales tax license is required for ALL retail and food vendors). Vendors must submit a copy of their liability insurance certificates with the application.

 Additionally, ALL food vendors must have a permit from Navajo county.  FOOD TRUCKS/TRAILERS  MUST HAVE A CURRENT FIRE  INSPECTION CERTIFICATE

These are the responsibility of the applicant.

DO NOT submit the application forms for TPT or Health Department to Medieval Mayhem.  

Vendor Applications

ALL vendors will be subject to a background check by the Show Low Police Department.

On Friday we hold our "Di Vinci" Day.  This is an education day for kids.  We hand out "maps" with chosen vendors and non-profit names listed on them.  The kids need to go to each booth listed and get the map marked.  They then turn those in at our designated booth and receive pirate coins.  We ask two things from our vendors who wish to participate, first they teach something to the kids about life back in the day.  This is usually done by telling them how your products were made in Medieval or Renaissance days.  Second, we ask that vendors provide an inexpensive giveaway so that kids can "buy" something with their pirate coins.  We find that doing this makes for longer stays in these booths. 

We hold a potluck cast dinner on Friday nights at our main stage. Bring a dish if ya can and get to know the awesome folks that make up the  Mayhem family! Sunday is closing toast with potluck dinner. 


​Batchelor's Pad BBQ:

Turkey legs, smoked meat sandwiches, and more!

Eddy D's:

Shep pie, mull stew, mac and cheese, fish/chicken and chips, corned beef and cabbage, pretzels, & Cornish pasties in 5 flavors

​Fairytale Coffee Co.

Gourmet Coffee, Tea, & Craft Soda

Adventurous Stills

Sampling Handcrafted. Small Batch.  Local First. 
At Adventurous Stills, we handcraft premium small-batch whiskey and spirits that express the adventurous spirit of Arizona.

Meet some of our fine merchants and artisans...

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Vendor Information & Applications



​​​​​​​​​​​​​Dancing Dolphins Art​​

Face Painting, Henna, Glitter Tattoos, and more!

Dragon Wood Designs

Wooden Pictures, Carvings, Jewelry, Wooden boxes, Marshmallow Crossbows, Custom Furniture, and so much more!!


Gypsy Pie

You'll find handmade hair adornments like flowers, ribbon falls, braids, dreads, and 100% natural perfumes. Gypsy Pie also carries a variety of belly dance belts and bras to add to any belly dance garb. 

Maiden Gems/White Mtn. Steampunk

Hand-made jewelry, accessories, and accent garb pieces.

The Merry Merchant

Handcrafted traditional era games with leather playing surfaces that convert to pouches to carry the playing pieces, snoods, trinkets & more. 

Mystical Cove

Our most talented Fortune Teller, Lady Astara. 

Privateer Arts & Iron


Blacksmith-created items. Art and blades

Art by Orea


Hand-forged/created jewelry & hair accessories

Cassie Sanchez

Author of the medieval fantasy trilogy Chasing the Darkness, Embracing the Darkness, & Conquering the Darkness. 

Desert Alchemist

Our company offers a variety of elixirs Made out of functional mushrooms and medicinal herbs. We also sell Mushroom coffee, Mushroom tea, honey, soap, and artwork all Mushroom related!

​Dragon Forge

Crafted with the utmost care, our booth boasts dragon eggs of handmade artistry, shields and swords of sturdy wood, and confections of dragon kisses in prepackaged splendor. 

Horde​'s Haven 

Leather accessories, fans, poured resin creatures and creations, pick-your-part jewelry, micro metal dice sets, necklaces with dragons, phoenixes, ravens, Celtic knots, and trees of life.

Power To Change Chainmaille

 Stainless steel chain maille jewelry and accessories that incorporate copper, brass, anodized aluminum, glass, stone, and titanium.

Hornet & Bee Creations

Handcrafted leather pouches, belts, hats, mug straps, and parasol holders. Jewelry made from beads, leather, and stones with wire wrapping. Resin art, including, but not limited to, jewelry, games, trays, key chains, and more. Additionally, handcrafted feather clips, hair clips, and hat plumes.​

​Magic Voodoo, Inc.

​ Our products are a fusion of brass, leather, and resin. All of our products, including brass fittings, are made in-house. Many of our items feature hand-etched designs and scroll work. We pride ourselves on using ethically sourced materials for all of our products. 

Hyde & Dye Kraftwerks

​Knives, axes, swords, and handcrafted leather products

Rogue Handcrafts

Wood, leather, slate coasters, wood cutting boards, wood cutlery, wood earrings, tabletop gaming accessories (dice, cases, towers, mats), and stone necklaces

​UnObtainium Bazaar

UnObtaniumBazaaar is here to be the outfitter for discerning time travelers and adventurers alike. We can provide custom costumes and accessories, as well as repairs and alterations. Stop by often, as our unique offerings are continually evolving.

Hornet and Bee Creations LLC