The Clan Ginger

A charming set of twin gingers with a passion for costuming who love to perform at Renaissance Faires and Comicons.  These lovely ladies made their debut on the main stage at Mayhem in 2019. They sing they dance...a bit...but they surely entertain and warm hearts where ever you find them! They will be performing exclusively in our VIP Pub Club for those 21+ with VIP passes. 

Sonoran Fairy Guild

Fairies will be on hand each day, all day, filling the grounds with magic and bubbles!  Listen to the engaging tales from the fairy realm as they share stories twice a day on our Seafarers Cove stage. 

Dance in delight among the beautiful bubbles they display throughout the day, and be sure to get your photo taken with your favorite magical fairy as a keepsake from your experience. 

Drums, Dancing, Acrobatics & Shenanigans!

Jero - The King of Fools

New to the Mayhem entertainment lineup, Jero  & Company will be performing his humorous juggling and balancing skills on our Seafarers Cove stage this year. 

Three Guys & A Bunch Of Drums

Performing three times a day with a bunch of drums!
We were grateful to get these guys! Medieval Mayhem producers have been listening to Three Guys at 'another ren Faire' and their CD's for years!

Royal Rumble/Fighting Expositions hosted by Realms of History

​​The Royal Rumble is held on Saturday (weather permitting).  Fully armored knights take the field and fight in different divisions and with all manner of period weapons for honor and glory to the last knight standing.  (The awesome prizes provided by Slouch Cat Creations are a good motivation as well!)

Fighters from other organizations are welcome to join in the mayhem.  Please contact Realms of History/West Haven in advance if you would like to join!

Let us introduce you to our fine entertainers...

Sir Lancelot's Adventures!

Well-known knight, Sir Lancelot, shares his adventures each day in our fighting eric (arena). From encounters with his love, Lady Gwenivier, to his nail-biting battles with the vicious dragon, these shows will have you on the edge of your seat and crying with laughter! 

Ghazaal Beledi

An awesome tribal belly dance troupe who were gracious enough to thrust themselves upon us in 2010! We were happy to have them and anxious to see them again! Every year and every set is something different and visually stunning! Make sure you catch the fire and sword dancing. You will not regret it!