About Medieval Mayhem Renaissance Faire

A personal note from the Viking... 

Ivar is Ivar and Ivar would like to take this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank the Lady Bronwyn Hawke for all that she has done to keep this 'little faire that could' running and successful! Let it be known that she has and will always have the undying love of her Viking. Always!

A little about us...

Medieval Mayhem was created for the enjoyment of the history of the Dark Ages and the Renaissance periods all rolled into one! At our first Medieval Mayhem in 2008 we saw Vikings, Celtic warriors, pirates, knights in armor, an entire queen's court, elves and faeries!   Since then we also encounter fauns, gypsies, the official War Dog, dragons and even a mermaid!
While in the shire this year be sure to also look for the Greyhounds, goats, ducks, rabbits, dancers, drummers and all matter of entertainment. There will be games and rides for the kiddies, and of course, we will be hosting the ever popular Royal Rumble! 

Renaissance faires were created in an effort to teach the history of the European times in a tactile way. Medieval Mayhem does the same with a broader range of time and focus. The tall trees and the cool air for this years event will only enhance that experience, giving all who attend an escape from reality and a

reconnection to days long, long ago.

Every year we continue to grow and meet new vendors, guilds, play trons, and entertainers! Through the efforts of Lady Bronwyn C. Hawke and the support of the rest of the staff of volunteers, charitable groups, friends and vendors, Medieval Mayhem continues to grow! We work hard to keep our costs low and have discounts available for tickets. All proceeds go to scholarship funds for local White Mountain students for their college education.

We look forward to seeing you at Medieval Mayhem.