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Greetings Great Populace!

With all the news of the realm updating daily, we are staying abreast of the CORVID-19 "plague" progression and what we need to do to keep all healthy and safe from exposure.

Since our shire does not open until mid July, we are confident that it will go on.  So, in that light, we are pausing the launch of our on-line ticket sales until May.  If you would like to "reserve a spot in line" for an advanced e-mail letting you know when the tickets will be available before we post it to the general public, send us an email through our "Contact Us" link and we will give you a full week advanced notice to ensure you are up to date first!

Thank you for your understanding. Stay healthy, help your neighbor and be sure there is enough for all to access!

Lady Bronwyn C. Hawke

Ruling Shire Noble


Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ

We here at Medieval Mayhem understand and appreciate the love we have for our pets. We have many working animals here in Wyvernton Shire.  Due to insurance reasons and with the concern for the safety of our animals and yours, we ask that you leave all non service animals at home when visiting the shire.This includes animals that are used as therapy services.  Documentation will be required for all service animal entry.
Thank You!


​~ 2020 ~

Fri - Sun 

July 17th - 19th
~ Hours ~
10 AM to 7 PM


10 AM to 7:00

Special Engagement

 Late Show Sat Night:

7:30 - 10:00
10 AM to 5 PM

The History of Wyvernton Shire!

Wyvernton Shire (land of the dragon’s keep) is a magical land located in the Scottish Highlands. A vast kingdom, it was given to the Lord William Hawke for his loyal service to the English Crown during a time of great upheaval. A generation later, his only heir, a daughter, Bronwyn Hawke, now holds title over the kingdom. The Lady Bronwyn, as a child, was sent to the English Court to be educated and give service to the then, Princess Julia. Upon returning to her home land for holiday, the Lady Bronwyn was taken by the fierce war lord, Ivar Nokson, in a Viking attack on Wyvernton Shire. Ivar stole Bronwyn, took her to his home lands & wed her.  Twaz there that she bore him two strapping sons.

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Frontier Field Park

660 N. 9th Place

Show Low, AZ 85901

(Just North of the Deuce of Clubs in down town Show Low!)

 Upon the untimely death of Lady Bronwyn’s father, Lord William Hawke, Ivar relinquished his position in Viking society & accompanied Lady Bronwyn back to Scotland to serve as Noble rulers of Wyvernton Shire.

A short time ago, Queen Julia retired without an heir and for a time, left the land in quite a quandary! After much scholarly research, it has been discovered that a former royal privateer turned pirate is the heir to the crown!  So, the captain of the Bountiful Harvest and his all female crew were summoned  to England for a coronation. Now, the newly crowned King William James of the house of Roberts, his son, Prince Alic and his beloved sister, Princess Alexandra Mary Elizabeth are attending celebrations in HRM's honor in Wyvernton Shire.    While becoming acquainted with his royal duties, it is rumored that there be pirates about that seek to bring the king back to the high seas and a life of plundering!  

Come find out what kind of mayhem ensues!!

Long live the king! Hip, Hip Huzzah!

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  • Adults - $15
  • Kids (5-13) - $7
  • Wee Ones - FREE!
  • Family 4 Pk. - $40
  • Late Show (21+)- $10
  • Sunday 2 for 1 Day!
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