Mountain of Hope Scholarship Foundation -

​​Established in 2016 as a 501c3  for the love of history, learning and the arts, the  foundation offers gap scholarships to local Navajo & Apache county students who can show their passion.

As a means of raising funds for these scholarships, the foundation presents this and other events in the area. More information can be found at 

Realms of History

Greyhounds of the Royal Realm


The Greyhounds of the Royal Realm -

The Greyhounds of the Royal Realm was founded by Dave & Coleen Thacker. They've been friends of Medieval Mayhem since the start. Their love of animals and more specifically greyhounds has led them to where they are today. They have dedicated their time and efforts to ensure that these amazing animals have a loving home after their racing career has ended. Please take a moment to stop and meet these amazing people and the animals they care for.

Combatants reproduce non-choreographed combat competitions in both one-on-one and group battle scenarios. Combat takes place in three basic forms: a training form for beginners using slatted bamboo weapons (shinai), rapier-style with a variety of fencing-type weapons, and heavy armored combat using real steel weapons.