The History of Wyvernton Shire!

Wyvernton Shire (land of the dragon’s keep) is a magical land located in the Scottish Highlands. A vast kingdom, it was given to the Lord William Hawke for his loyal service to the English Crown during a time of great upheaval. A generation later, his only heir, a daughter, Bronwyn Hawke, now holds title over the kingdom. The Lady Bronwyn, as a child, was sent to the English Court to be educated and give service to the then, Princess Julia. Upon returning to her home land for holiday, the Lady Bronwyn was taken by the fierce war lord, Ivar Nokson, in a Viking attack on Wyvernton Shire. Ivar made Bronwyn took her to his home lands & wed her.  Twaz there that she bore him two strapping sons.


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 Upon the untimely death of Lady Bronwyn’s father, Lord William Hawke, Ivar relinquished his position in Viking society & accompanied Lady Bronwyn back to Scotland to serve as Noble rulers of Wyvernton Shire. Now, as the French gather forces to attack Wyvernton Shire and the rest of England, Lady Bronwyn Hawke, Lord Ivar Nokson & the now, Queen Julia have struck an alliance with Sir Gaetano Anatollii and many other kingdoms to foil the French attempts at a takeover. All the kingdoms now gather in Wyvernton to present their best warriors to Her Majesty, Queen Julia for her blessing to go forth and defend the kingdom!

Long live the queen!

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We here at Medieval Mayhem understand and appreciate the love we have for our pets. We have many working animals here in Wyvernton Shire.  Due to insurance reasons and with the concern for the safety of our animals and yours, we ask that you leave all non service animals at home when visiting the shire.This includes animals that are used as therapy services.

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